If you're not running MotorGuide Digital, you may not be fishing to your full potential. Entrenched in the BASS tournament trail since day one, we know what it takes to ace the extreme test. No one taxes equipment like touring pros. MotorGuide has taken their victories, failures, blood, sweat, tears, hours, days, and years to heart, and built the most efficient and most reliable line of trolling motors on the water today. Because the most important piece of equipment on your boat should also be the most dependable.


The Digital advantage:

  • MotorGuide Digital is a completely sealed module that is protected from heat, moisture, corrosion, and shock
  • Digital variable speed efficiency results in three-times more sustained battery life than standard 5-speed motors and more time on the water
  • Quiet, smooth variable speed operation lets you get closer to the fish
  • Service is greatly improved through modular design
  • MicroSwitch on Digital motors operate at 10,000x less amperage, designed to withstand the demands of harsh, wet tournament conditions
  • Clean, crisp digital communication optimizes sonar performance (on sonar-ready models)
  • MotorGuide Tour Edition, Great White Edition, Wireless Edition, VariMAX Edition, and Xi5 motors feature MotorGuide Digital.