Most Accurate GPS. Period.

Get serious about your game with the industry's most accurate GPS. We've compared. Pinpoint® GPS is proven to be 3x as precise as our competition. With a tighter hold on your anchor point, Pinpoint® GPS on Xi-Series motors lets you focus on what really matters—catching fish.

The competition likes to say that they run circles around us, and for once, they're right.


When at a desired spot, you can lock in the GPS coordinate and remain "anchored" within four feet, even in wind and current.

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While in Anchor mode, use the Jog feature to shift your boat's position five feet in any direction as often as you want.

Heading LockHeading Lock

Choose a heading and Pinpoint® GPS keeps you on a straight-line course until Heading Lock is released.

Route RecordRoute Record / Playback


Record and store  eight routes up to four miles long. Return to and replay a stored route from anywhere.

Cruise ControlCruise Control

While underway using Heading Lock or Route Playback, Cruise Control will maintain a constant boat speed.


Want even more control?

The ultimate boat control can now be yours with the Gateway Kit from MotorGuide®. Connect your Pinpoint®GPS-equipped trolling motor to a compatible Lowrance® HDS fishfinder / chartplotter through a NMEA 2000 network. The Lowrance® HDS fishfinder / chartplotter user interface includes on-screen controls for all Pinpoint® GPS features, including complete Xi5 motor control. Position your boat perfectly by leveraging real-time data from your Lowrance® HDS fishfinder / chartplotter unit and the precise operation of your Pinpoint®GPS-equipped Xi5.

Discover Ultimate Motor Control