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For rebate questions:

Please email us at [email protected] - this email is for rebate inquiries only and is unable to answer technical product questions. Please contact our Technical Service team for product inquiries.

Please provide your rebate confirmation number, if available, and please allow 24 hours for a response to your inquiry during business working hours.

For technical product questions:

MotorGuide Technical Service:
United States/Canada: (920) 929-5040
           M-F: 8AM-5:30PM EST 

Send us a message using this form

    Please note that you will be redirected to MotorGuide Technical Service via Mercury Marine Outboard Assistance. 
    Please have your product serial number ready.

International Service Support:
Australia: (61) (3) 9791-5822
EU/Africa: (32) (87) 32 32 11
Mexico/South America: (954) 744-3500
Asia: (65) 6546616

For support on orders purchased from

United States: (616) 897-2290
           M-F: 8AM-5PM EST

Please email us at [email protected] for any questions about your order made on – this email is for order questions only and is unable to answer questions regarding warranty or technical product details. Please contact our Technical Service team for any product inquiries.