Tour Pro recall notification

We have identified an issue on the Tour Pro trolling motor that may cause unintended behavior while in Anchor mode. This could cause the user to lose temporary control of the boat heading or position. We have determined that the motor should be inspected by a dealer, and in the meantime, should not be used in Anchor mode. All other functionality of the motor is not affected, and the motor may be used in all other modes.  

We are in the process of developing a permanent remedy for this issue, which will be available at no cost to you in the near future. Until a remedy is available, we advise that you do not utilize the Anchor feature of your Tour Pro trolling motor. All other functionality of the motor is unaffected, and the motor may be used in all other modes. 

We plan to provide multiple options for updating the motor through a simple process or an update will be provided by an authorized MotorGuide dealer. All registered Tour Pro owners will be notified as soon as these options become available. 

When should I hear from you?
All consumers with registered motors with impacted serial numbers will be notified of this recall via letter, as early as September 3. Additional information will be sent via letter as updates are available. 

What if I haven’t received a letter? 
Please ensure you have registered your trolling motor HERE. If you are impacted by this recall, you will be notified via a letter automatically after registration.

Where do I find my serial number? 
When using your Tour Series foot pedal, press the heel into the fully down position. There will be a sticker under the toe with your serial number printed on it. Your serial number is also found on the outside of the trolling motor box and on the included registration card. 

Where can I locate a dealer to find service for repair? 
You can reference the dealer locator HERE. If you feel better service would be provided at a another location, we do offer the option to mail your motor into an authorized service center of your choosing (postage prepaid and insured), and MotorGuide will cover the return shipping back to your location. (A note describing the nature of the problem, a copy of the receipt/registration verification/or proof of purchase, and your contact address and information is required.)
How long will it take to get the parts and/or software update?
We anticipate control boards will be available to order by your local authorized service center in 4-6 weeks. We plan to have more options available and will notify all registered owners with any updates. 
Can I return my motor? 
MotorGuide does offer a 30 day Warranty Return Policy. Please follow the outline of the policy HERE.
Who do I contact with questions?
If you have any questions about this notification, please contact Customer Service

Xi Series Update

For consumers networked to a Lowrance/Simrad MFD via a Gateway Kit (8M0092085), there could be updates available that address connectivity/performance annoyances you might experience with your Pinpoint GPS enabled Xi Series motor. We've created an update questionnaire (linked below) to help guide you to the applicable update for your Xi Series motor. It is very important that you follow the directions provided at end of the questionnaire before making any updates to your Xi Series motor.

Please make sure your Lowrance/Simrad MFD is running the latest software, you have your Xi Series model and serial numbers, and are able to access your networked trolling motor before starting this process. 

NOTE: This only applies to Xi Series Motors equipped with a Pinpoint Gateway System.

Items needed to complete the Questionnaire:

  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Access to your NMEA Networked Lowrance/Simrad graph
  • Access to your Pinpoint enabled Xi Series motor
  • Sufficiently charged batteries
  • A way to take notes on which update applies to your motor

Update Questionnaire Available Here

Additional Resources

If you need the SWUP update file, please click this link: SWUP Update File. A file from Google will open in a new tab, click the download icon in the top right of your window to download the file to your computer.
NOTE: this file type is not compatible with iOS, you will need to download another application to access this .swp file.  

Then follow the SD Card Update Instructions to complete the update through your Lowrance/Simrad MFD.

We have also created an Update Tutorial Video to walk you through the whole process. 

Xi Dongle Update Instructions are available here.

Post Dongle Update Instructions are available here.

Terms of Service Updates and Repairs are available here.