Tour Pro Software Update


IMPORTANT: Do not dispose of the USB Programmer hardware.

The USB Programmer is preloaded with revision G of software, which resolves Service Bulletin 2021-02. Revision H is now available at the link below, this also resolves Service Bulletin 2021-02 and adds some additional diagnostic tools and software enhancements listed below:

  • Faster anchor recovery when anchoring at speed
  • "Sleep Blink" trolling motor foot pedal status LED will blink while Tour Pro is stowed to indicate the system is "ON" and in "Standby-Stow"
  • Stow assist by holding shaft position during stow
  • Power steering disable/enable modes (M288/287)
  • Compass calibration check (M113)
    • Error beep (downtone): GPS not ready
    • Triple beep (3 beeps/1 sec): M111 recommended
    • Single beep: M111 is calibrated, no action required
  • Various software improvements and fixes

The Tour Pro USB Programmer (8M4005750) is powered using a traditional 9V battery. If the status LED will not light up when pressed, change the 9V battery in the USB Programmer chassis.
Note: the USB Programmer MUST be powered on and connected to the NMEA foot pedal cord prior to powering on the Tour Pro trolling motor. 


Please watch the instructional video located on our MotorGuide YouTube Channel before performing this update on your motor. Full instructions (English only) can also be found here.

Download the latest software version, Revision H, here
NOTE: this USB device is updateable from Windows 8 and newer PCs, and is only applicable to Tour Pro. 

The instructional video on how to download the latest software onto the USB Programmer can also be found here.

If you are in need of a Tour Pro USB Programmer, please contact [email protected].

If you are a US dealer/service center, call Mercury Dealer Support (920-929-5040) to request a USB Programmer.

By using this MotorGuide USB Programmer (Dongle) on the Tour Pro, you agree to the Terms of Service Agreement linked below.

Terms of Service Agreement