The only true cable steer with gps anchor

Tour Pro

The MotorGuide Tour Pro takes everything we know about trolling motors and combines it to make the highest-performing motor on the market. Industry leading Pinpoint® GPS anchoring to more accurately stay on the spots you want. Tour-tested durability. Effortless stowing and deploying for all-day fishing. Agile, quiet, instantly responsive true cable steering. HD+ universal sonar capability for pairing with the sonar you want.

Most Accurate GPS Anchor

The only true cable steer with GPS anchor. Pinpoint® GPS anchoring is 3x as precise as competitors, meaning you can stay on structure and fish, even in currents and wind. Features like Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock and Cruise Control put Tour Pro in a class of its own.

Quiet, effortless Stowing & Deploying

Make light work of long days on the water with our Zero-G lift assist for effortless stowing and deploying. Nearly half the required effort versus competitors’ assist mounts. Patented Bulldog latches bite down to lock in place but release easily on command.

tour-tested durability

With a 360° breakaway mount, the Tour Pro is built for tough conditions and surprise rocks and stumps. A rugged two-piece shaft features an oversized metal outer column and an unbreakable inner composite shaft with lifetime warranty. Durability you can trust. Backed by our 3-year warranty.


Your boat, your choice. Pair the Tour Pro with the sonar of your choosing without routing external cables. See the world beneath your boat with traditional 83/200 kHz2D sonar views or high-definition 455/800 kHz views available with major sonar brands.


Additional Features:  

• Best-in-class two-blade Katana prop • No-flex metal foot pedal with no slip grip • Unbreakable inner composite shaft with lifetime warranty • Lithium-ion battery compatible • Integrated Bounce Buster™ and cable routing • LED dashboard indicates power, battery and GPS status