Lose yourself. But never lose control.

MotorGuide Summer Savings

From June 16 to July 14, 2024 save up $850 on MotorGuide Xi5, Tour Pro and Tour trolling motors at any participating outlets where MotorGuide trolling motors are sold.


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Xi5 freshwater

Xi5 marks a key milestone in our history. It is the culmination of a renewed focus and significant R&D investment to design, engineer, and manufacture these best-in-class trolling motors.

Xi5 saltwater

The easiest to use, quietest motor in its class. Xi5 is designed to exceed the expectations of today's discriminating angler. It's engineered to be reliable every day and is durable over the long haul.

Control from anywhere

Control from anywhere on the boat. Ready for use right out of the box with intuitive handheld remote control. Freshwater models also come standard with wireless foot pedal.

Most accurate gps. period.

Pinpoint® offers industry-leading GPS navigation options, like 3x more precise Anchor, Jog, Heading Lock and Cruise Control.

tough and unbreakable

Xi5's tough composite shaft will bend, but won't break. Built to withstand a beating from submerged rocks and stumps without giving in. Unbreakable composite shaft with lifetime warranty.