so silent the fish might hear you plotting

MotorGuide Summer Savings

From June 16 to July 14, 2024 save up $850 on MotorGuide Xi5, Tour Pro and Tour trolling motors at any participating outlets where MotorGuide trolling motors are sold.


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Silent, responsive true cable steering. A Zero-G lift assist system for effortless stowing and deployment. Quietly powerful operation. Our Tour model delivers intuitive, user-friendly features and Tour-tested durability to ensure you don’t lose out on a single moment on the water.


Make light work of long days on the water with our Zero-G lift assist for effortless stowing and deploying. Nearly half the required effort versus competitors’ assist mounts. Patented Bulldog latches bite down to lock in place but release easily on command.


Pair with the sonar of your choice. With hardware already built into the nose cone, HD+ universal sonar setup is easy – just add the adapter cable corresponding to your sonar brand and start fishing.


No-flex metal foot pedal for smooth, responsive steering and a 360° breakaway mount, the Tour is built to withstand anything, including fishermen who don’t know when to quit. A rugged two-piece shaft features an oversized metal outer column and an unbreakable inner composite shaft with lifetime warranty. Durability you can trust. Backed by our 3-year warranty.

Best-in-class two-blade Katana prop
No-flex metal foot pedal
Durable metal pedal with premium no-slip grip
Unbreakable inner composite shaft with lifetime warranty
Lithium-ion battery compatible
Integrated Bounce Buster™ and cable routing

Please check out our Tour Series FAQ page for any questions you may have.